Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of fostering?

P4AP will provide all necessary medical care, food and care expenses for said foster dog/cat, including all required vaccinations and/or any other necessary medical care as deemed appropriate by P4AP and veterinarian. 

If a foster dog/cat is not spayed or neutered when the guardian(s) takes possession of said dog/cat, P4AP will make the arrangements to have the procedure done. (P4AP will pay all expenses “only” if said expenses and vet clinic have been approved by P4AP (unless guardian prefers to be financially responsible for said dog/cat).

Can you just give a family or friend the animal?

No. P4AP is the sole and rightful owner of said foster dog/cat. All decisions regarding said foster dog/cat shall be made by P4AP. P4AP will consult with the guardian(s). Guardian(s) shall not give or otherwise transfer custody of foster dog/cat to any other person, unless approved by P4AP in advance.

What should you do if you can no longer foster for the animal?

If for any reason, the guardian(s) is/are unable to continue to house and care for said dog/cat, he/she MUST notify and return said dog/cat to P4AP. Guardian(s) understands that said dog/cat might then be placed in a new foster home, in a boarding facility, or rescue.

Who is responsible for any damage that the foster animal has caused?

P4AP is not responsible for any damage caused by said foster dog/cat to guardians' property or possessions. If you rent an apartment or house, your landlord will be asked to sign paper work before you are allowed to foster or adopt.

What should you do if a foster is lost or stolen?

In the event a foster dog/cat becomes lost or is stolen, guardian(s) shall immediately notify P4AP.

Foster dogs are to be supervised at all times, whether indoor or outdoor, and must be supervised at all times when children and other dog/cats are present.

Foster dogs/cats are never to be left outdoors while guardian(s) is/are away from home unless kept in a secured kennel approved by P4AP and only in good weather.

No foster dogs/cats will be allowed to roam at will or be off leash at any time.

Guardian(s) must separate all dog/cats in their possession when away from home. Proper separation includes keeping each dog/cat in its own crate and/or secluded in a secured area. 

Can you adopt the foster?

Yes! We encourage a two (2) week trial period for anyone who is considering adoption of any of our animals.