​  To qualify for adoption you must at minimum: Be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license or  

  state Identification card stating your current address. Have the knowledge and consent of a landlord, if relevant.

 (supplemental form to complete). Be able and willing​to spend the time and money necessary

 to provide medical treatment proper  nourishment, care and ​training for a pet.

​​​​ Fostering
 If you would like to open your home to an animal within your community and become a foster, we will provide food,

 litter, vet care, address any medical needs for our fosters in your care. (Proof of up to date vaccinations for other pets

 in your home must be provided).

 There are often times where we will assist the Animal Control Officers, Pet Owner and Community Members with 

 missing pets. We have experienced team members who are familiar with the laws that need to be abided by when

 searching for a lost or stolen animal. We have the resources and knowledge needed to work with local law enforcement

 to help return your family pet. During the times that emergency medical attention may be needed, we are able to direct

 you to the appropriate care.

 What do you do if you find a dog or a cat?

  • If you find a stray or lost cat or dog you MUST contact your local authorities

          to have the animal brought to Herkimer County Humane Society. ​​

  • If you do not report it to your authorities you could be charged with

          possession of stolen property. Dogs and cats are considered property. 

  • Even animals abandoned must be reported in order for the person

          who abandoned said pet can be held accountable.

  • The only exception is a feral cat.

 Often times people have to re-home their family pet. There are many personal reasons for families to be in these types 

 of situations.

  • We will network and assist the family to  be able to find the best home for 

        their animal. 

  • You will provide pictures and information regarding the animal and we 

        will post the information on our facebook.

 Other Services
 We often work with other Local Animal Rescues, Domestic Birds,Domestic and Wildlife Rehabilitators, Humane Society, Community Agencies. We are not limited to these; we will gladly help connect you to whom ever may be able to help you.